Friday, February 14, 2014

5 Things Friday

Sometimes you have one of those weeks where there are so many moments that need to be frozen in time with a photo! This was one of those weeks.

1. I spent Wednesday night with my favorite little princess. We dined on delicious Chick-fil-a, watched a movie, played with puzzles & the etch a sketch, and took lots of silly selfies.


2. I mailed January's Lettered Letters... in February.

3. My mom sent me a surprise in the mail that had me playing dress-up with a flamingo. One of the outfits is for the Olympics... obviously... and the other is for when it's time to PARTAY!!

4. We had way too much fun cleaning the office yesterday morning. I may have allowed my arm to be twisted hard enough that I agreed to try on Jill's wedding dress. (Long story for why it was at the office.) Once I had it on, we had a good laugh -- well, they had a good laugh at my facial expressions. I think it was a combination of "Holy crud, I have a wedding dress on." and "OMG I have a wedding dress on!" The little girl in me was feeling like a princess, the grown-up was freaking out.

I had a good giggle at how ridiculous I was being. I'm convinced the latter reaction is one that can't be helped. The idea of getting married right now makes me break out in nervous hives. Note: I'm listening to "Little Black Dress" by Sara Bareilles right now. I'm definitely going to stick with the LBD.

5. My mom sent me so many pictures this week that I hadn't ever seen before! Too many for a Throwback Thursday post on Instagram, so they get their own feature on 5 Things Friday...

I definitely got a little teary when I saw this picture of me and my big sis. Talk about admiration - it's right there on my face! Even if we are only half-sisters, she always treated me with full love and made me feel oh so special. She still does! 

Not sure where those glasses came from, but I was rocking them for sure. And hey there Michelin Man arms!


It's so much fun to look back at old pictures - especially ones like these that I hadn't seen before.

This last one is of Momma and Paw Paw. I love it so much. Momma is seriously going after that bottle and my paw paw looks so handsome and breezy. I wish more than anything I could've had the chance to meet him, but I adore every story my Nanny tells me!

Have you been watching the winter olympics? I am absolutely loving them!! My stomach is in knots watching so many of the events though. These athletes are incredibly brave - and maybe a touch insane for doing what they do...

Happy Valentine's Day love bugs!
xoxo, E

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  1. Love the photo with you and Momma. Your glasses are great, but your Mommas earrings are priceless!