Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Lessons Learned While Running

So, in true Eliz fashion, training for this half-marathon has been pretty entertaining. I've put together a little list of lessons learned while running...

1. Wardrobe Malfunctions Are Real
I wish I could say there was only one example of this lesson, but there are 3. 

- Just because a totally adorable workout top works well for Barre3 doesn't mean it's good for running. Translation: built in bras are not sufficient for running. #Ouch

- Yoga pants should be tested with a quick jog around the house before wearing them to the gym to run. Otherwise, you'll spend 2 miles pulling up your pants. Don't worry, that one pair has been officially labeled "do not run in me."

- When a workout top has snaps in the straps for the sports bra it came with, you should probably snap in the bra. Otherwise, you'll spend 2 miles pulling on the left side to keep the arm hole from moving to the front - causing another wardrobe malfunction.

2. It's All a Mind Game
I cover up the screen of the treadmill with a gym towel while running. If I can't see how far I've run, I can't think "that's it?!"

I had a pretty difficult time, mentally, with last night's 3-mile run. The speed on the treadmill felt a little faster than usual, but I didn't want to slow down and mess with the timing of my playlist & distance. I kept telling myself, "Just make it through one more song and you can move the towel to check to see how far you've gone. Just make it through one more song..." I didn't look until I had made it through 8 songs. Go me!!

3. People in the Gym Are Generally Very Nice
While running one day last week, my mind-game-towel fell and I had to leap over it to keep from tripping as it flew down the belt and landed on the floor behind me. When the guy next to me finished his workout, he grabbed the towel and handed it to me. He understood just how important it was to my survival of the run. At least that's what I'm telling myself!

4. Good Music is Key
I understand that "good" is relative, but my playlist is pretty awesome if I do say so myself. Sometimes I lip sync while I run. It really helps me keep going... even if I look like a crazy person.

5. Blisters Aren't the Only Enemy
During last night's run, I got a burn on my arm from the friction against my [super cute] top. Momma has always said I swing my arms too much -- turns out, she's right. This burn hurts WAY more than it should. What a dumb "injury."

6. People Watching is the Absolute Best
Enough said.

7. Run by a Cute Guy
It's even better if he's running as well. This was also true of last night's gym visit. The guy next to me was running at a speed of 8.0 miles an hour. This definitely brought out my competitive side. Anything he could do, I could do... slower. 

I have no doubt that some more lessons will be added to the list over the next 11 weeks.

This winter weather is killing me - I know that my attention span is going to require me to hit the pavement very soon. There are only so many captions you can read on the TV screens while running without getting bored. 

Happy Hump Day! I've got a few updates to the 25 while 25 list to share with you tomorrow. 
xoxo, E

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