Wednesday, February 19, 2014


I've talked before about my overwhelming love and adoration for my Nanny, but you guys, I just have to gush some more.

She's had two surgeries in the last month to make her pretty peepers better. Not only can she see better, but her new-found clearer sight is making her far more creative in her emoji-use. I am seriously rolling on the floor with her use of these characters!

I wasn't lucky enough to be in this next group text message - but I seriously couldn't contain my giggles when Momma sent me the screenshots. Not only was Will's reply awesome about his brother's new bling (#AlwaysTheLastToKnow), but Nanny had me in stitches. In case you can't tell, she is a pretty big fan of her grandchildren. 


My Nanny taught me to love Cary Grant - she fostered my sweet tooth - she attended every dance competition - she is an even bigger mama bear than Mommacita (hard to imagine) - and she has just a touch more sass than I do (again, hard to imagine.)

There are also certain Nanny-isms that are my favorite:
The way she says, "Hello my darlin'"
The way she giggles every time she answers the phone and I squeal, "Hey Nanny!!"
Her use of the word "Poe Poe" to describe one's derriere
How she describes a far distance as "over yonder"

She is endlessly entertained by my storytelling - especially when the stories involve boys and my unbelievable awkwardness. My favorite is when one of my stories leads to a story about my Paw Paw. He was such a stud.

These pictures make my heart swell with love...


I hope I never forget the story of what was happening in that picture on the bottom left. Momma was behind the camera and said, "Mom! Smile!" Then, this sassafrass was like, "Yeah Nanny, smile! I mean, you're getting to take a picture with me." Then the queen of all sass said, "Well, you're nothing to smile about." 

Bahahahahaha. Of course she then said, "That's not what I meant and you know it." 

Still. That picture is priceless to me.

Joyce Greene is more precious than gold and her kind spirit is more valuable than the most rare diamond. But you know what I love most about her?

She makes everything better.

xoxo, E

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  1. So sweet :)))
    My Gma says "poe poe" too! ;)
    Also, Cary Grant forever and ever!! Swoon!