Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A Love-ly 25 while 25 Update

When I was coming up with the 25 things I wanted to include in my 25 while 25 list, I knew that a girls weekend with Kimmy needed to be on it for sure. She has been a huge part of my life for the last 5 years - confidant, shoulder to cry on, comedian when I need it, etc. She's become even more important to me in the last year or so. I can't imagine my world without her in it.

Well, it might not have been the girls weekend I'd imagined, but we've been having a sleepover since Sunday evening. Thank you, frozen hot water pipe - blessing in disguise!

Erick (her hubby) has been an absolute champ putting up with our Frozen sing-alongs, our persistent attempts to finish his sentences for him, and our many (many!) conversations that are impossible to follow for anyone but us. They have been the best hosts ever, and I'm thankful for the last 3 nights that I've spent at Casa de Worrell. Number 24 complete.

As you know from my blog post here, I took an Illustrator class and absolutely loved it! Number 5 complete.

I finished the book "Always Something There to Remind Me" in about 3 days, and then I read "The Fault in Our Stars" in 36 hours. That book wrecked me. One more book to read and then I'll be able to check off Number 13.

I'm 3 tastes away from checking off Number 20. I was helping Jill prepare for Emily's 3rd birthday party a couple weeks ago, and her husband got us some cheese and crackers to snack on. It was my first time trying Havarti cheese. Yum! (As if I actually thought there'd be a cheese I didn't love.)

At Taste of OKC, I tried panna cotta for the first time. I actually enjoyed the couple bites I took, but I don't foresee me having a PC craving any time soon.

Then this week, my sleepover buddies offered me some milk with my Oreo. When I asked what kind, Kimmy replied with "Well, we have 2% and almond milk." I squealed (a little too enthusiastically for milk), "Oh! I'll do almond milk! It can go on my list since I've never tried it before." It was definitely too sweet for me - Erick said that was probably because it was vanilla almond milk - but I'm glad I can now say that I've tried it.

Here's my plan to complete some of the remaining items:

#3 I have GOT to start cooking soon. I still have to add 7 new recipes to the list!!

#16 Donate Blood - Once March 1st rolls around, I'm clear to give blood! (Thank you melanoma. Blurgh.)

#18 Re-learn the "Moses Supposes" Tap Choreography - I need to start notating this choreography so I can work on it! I'm out of practice, so it might take a while. Needless to say, the "number of views" is about to go way up on this YouTube video.

#20 Try 25 New Tastes - We are going to get Pho next week, so that'll be a new addition!

#22 Learn to Make Sushi - I'm taking a class on April 8th with Kimmy.

I am pretty excited to do a half-marathon update post tomorrow. It's going to be all introspective and symbolic. I can just see you now, perched on the edge of your seat.

Happy Hump Day. It's going to be a busy one for me around the office.
xoxo, E

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