Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Baby-Sitters Club

Last night, someone applauded me for going pee pee in the potty.

Bet you didn't think that'd be the first sentence you'd read from me this morning, did ya?

I had the distinct pleasure of having a girls date with Miss Emily last night. You guys, I have to admit that being responsible for a 2-and-a-half year old (even for only a couple hours) is exhausting! And she's such an easy child!

I seriously think my back is sore from all of the in-and-out of the car seat... granted, my own fault because we went to Blue 7, Orange Leaf, Target and the grocery store. A heating pad was definitely needed last night.

Man... I sound decrepit.

I'm also pretty sure my abs are sore from so much laughing. It's so cool to see how this little one is turning into a little lady. She is so talkative now and the things that come out of her mouth are hilarious!

Let me entertain you for a few minutes...

1. When I picked her up from daycare, she immediately commented on how she was wearing boots just like me! Observant little fashionista.

2. On the way out to the car, she took off running for the door and screamed out "I'll hold it! I'll hold it!" As she pushed the door open, and propped it with her tiny booty, there was such a look of pride and accomplishment on her face. Big girl holding open the big door.

3. We got in the car and she proceeded to tell me what she did at big school that day, including what they ate for lunch. Rice was the only word I could really make out from the meal plan.

4. We sang the alphabet at least 6 times - did you know that q is actually pronounced "coo?" Seriously. Cutest thing ever. I also realized that I don't know ANY kids songs. Luckily I could tell by some hand gestures that she wanted me to sing the itsy bitsy spider. I rocked that one like a pro.

5. Apparently there is also a "days of the week" song? She was so disappointed when I didn't know it.

6. Someone got a little sleepy on our drive to Blue 7, so I resorted to bribery.

Me: Hey Em, I'll get you a cookie after we finish shopping in here.
Emily: Okay!!

As we walked in to the store she made it very clear that she wanted ice cream instead.

Me: Don't you think it's a little cold for ice cream?
Emily: It's not too cold!!
Me: Alrighty, ice cream it is.

7. Bribe a kid with ice cream, and they will do some of the cutest and funniest things ever... They will also experience a massive sugar high, start running around the froyo establishment while pulling up their shirt and exclaiming that they're not going to put it doooooooown!!

The fact that you can't stop laughing sure doesn't make a strong case for why she should put her shirt back down over her tummy.

This cutie video was pre-sugar high. I mean, come on, I can't handle all the cuteness!

8. Right before we left Orange Leaf, the little princess said she needed to go potty. To be honest, I didn't think she really needed to go, but thought I'd be encouraging of her effort to try. Well, low and behold, the girl knew what she was talking about.

Brace yourself for TMI... 

After we got her hands washed, I thought I might as well use the bathroom since we were in there. You guys, Little Miss's eyes got huge and she started clapping. She ran towards me and handed me 2 tiny squares of toilet paper off the roll. I could not stop laughing. It's not every day I get that reaction for going pee pee in the potty.

9. We then jaunted off to Target. On the walk in, Em informed me that I am a big girl like her. It's so funny to me how little ones don't really have an understanding of age. We spent some (alot of) time browsing the $1 section. I put a Christmas tree headband on and she exclaimed, "You have a tree on your head!" Naturally, we both put on headbands and took a selfie.

Em saw a cute little owl hat on the bottom shelf and decided to try it on as well. As I bent down to take a picture of her, she got a bit excited, and as she threw her arms up in the air, her sweet little hand clocked me right in the nose.

Yep, I got a bloody nose in Target from a 2-and-a-half year old... in the dollar section.

10. When we pulled in to the grocery store parking lot, I heard from the backseat, "Is this your house?" "No honey, this is the grocery store." "Are we here to get cheese?" 

Be still my heart. She gets me.

Emily and I had a very eventful evening. The best moment of all was when her mom said, "Give Elizabeth a hug goodbye." She picked up this plastic stool from the hallway and started walking in my general direction. I assumed she was a bit distracted, and I was about to simply say goodbye and head home. Well, she put the stool down right at my feet, climbed up and reached up to give me a hug. She then puckered her lips and gave me the sweetest kiss on the cheek.

Love my Em girl. 

Bribery, a bloody nose and proud potty claps - she definitely knows how to create an unforgettable night!!



  1. Bahahah this might be the best blog yet E!!!!!

  2. Sweet memories for both of you and Emily!