Monday, November 11, 2013

BE, my VIP

Do you ever feel like someone really gets you? They get your crazy OCD quirks... most likely because they share them too... they laugh at your jokes... they tell you what you need to hear, even when it stings... they leave "you're awesome" sticky notes on your desk... they let you sit on their white leather couch and have a mini-meltdown about a silly thing called workamajig -- real name... they tell you you're gonna be a great mom one day because you're telling a super emotional story in the middle of Local while making faces and entertaining their toddler... hmmm, I'm not being so general any more am I?

"They" isn't so much a "they" - it's more like, her name is Bobbie.

I like to say that Bobbie gave me my first big-girl job. She definitely guided me through that first year of navigating the big, bad grown-up word. (I kid, I kid, it's not so bad.) Bobbie also coined the nickname "E-Town" for me. She is one of the most encouraging people I've ever met... She also appreciates my mini-dance parties. Right, BE?

E: What was your first impression of me when we met?
(Be honest! I'm curious, since it was a job interview setting!)
BE: You were wiser beyond your age and incredibly put together. I loved you instantly. Not kidding.

E: What's your favorite memory of us working together?
BE: This is a hard one! I would say your exit interview - ha! That's weird, but you were so grown up and candid, it was a really nice conversation between peers.

E: What three words do you think I'd use to describe you?
BE: Real, intelligent, positive

Note from Elizabeth: I totally agree with her three words. Like I said above, she's encouraging, but I'd also say she's genuine and sassy!

E: What do you think it is about BE and E-Town that makes us such good friends?
BE: I think we are both silly, in that we don't mind laughing too loud or being obnoxiously spastic over something. It's good to surround yourself with people that don't take themselves seriously and those that are not pretentious. Using the word "pretentious" is also pretty pretentious in itself, don't you think :)


Note from Elizabeth: If you were paying attention, you'll notice the "sides" changed in the above pictures -- BE and I both Instagramed this selfie contest convo. #SamePerson

Rapid fire question round, commence!

Q1. What items are always in your purse?
  • Eos lip balm (like your friend that already said this)
  • Hand sanitizer
  • A hair bow of Cam's
  • Pre-natal vitamins (not pregnant, I swear)

Right now, there are also mardi gras beads and gum

Q2. Which shoes are your favorite? (Okay - you can pick 3)
When it comes to shoes, I like lots of choices, so I buy them from places like Target (I'm also cheap - hehe). I have a ridiculous pair of Betsey Johnson's that I just love, I love my Lariat cowboy boots that Matt got me for Christmas last year, and any of my running shoes.


Q3. What's your dream vacation destination?
I want to get back to Maui where Matt and I got Maui-ed... see what I did there?

Q4. Do you have a secret talent?
Ummm, not sure if any of mine are so secret.
I can dance (like really dance: tap, jazz, ballet, lyrical, pom, pointe)
I can sing when I actually try (no one knows that)
I used to play the flute (I was first chair for 2 years #nerdalert)

Q5. If you could spend a day doing absolutely nothing but what you want, what would you do?
I would sleep in!!! Oh my g, who are we kidding? I would wake up at 6, get a massage, take a nap, eat some sushi, get a pedicure and wash my car. I have to be a bit practical!

Q6. Did you play any sports growing up? (Pictures of young Bobbie should def be included!)
I ran track in middle school and freshman year in high school - I didn't make the basketball team or the cheer squad - I also played soccer as a sophomore. Translation: I basically ran up and down the field. I started taking dance in 6th grade, and was on varsity pom for 4 years in high school.

Q7. What 3 items in your closet/dresser/vanity could you not live without?
Specifically, like if my house burned down and I could save 3 items of clothing:
  • Ralph Lauren Leather Jacket (She's gorgeous. I call her Lauren.)
  • Wedding dress
  • The J. Crew shirt Matt was wearing when we got married - it matches his eyes #cheeseball

If this is just clothing in general:
  • Good Gap jeans
  • Yoga pants
  • VS underwear
  • And since I can't just be topless, a Ralph Lauren oxford shirt


Q8. Describe yourself in 3 words
Honest, hard-working and loving

Q9. Do you like to cook? (here's where you give a shameless plug for your blog!)
I LOVE TO COOK - I'm actually somewhat burnt out on cooking at the moment, but I'm working on getting out of my cooking rut! I have a little blog called Yoga Pants and High Heels. I post weekly menus (with grocery lists and recipes) that are mostly vegan, as we don't cook with meat over here at Casa de Earles.

Q10. What's your favorite thing about being a mom?
Having a kid really made me an entirely different person, or at least it feels that way. There is something about being a mom that made me so much more patient and impatient at the same time. That makes no sense, but hear me out...

I am so patient with Cam (and she is an angel kid, for sure), but if she is misbehaving, there is no part of me that gets mad or frustrated. She's 2. She deserves patience, kindness and parents that help her figure out why her little world is so out of control, because to her, it really is.

Conversely, I have no tolerance for BS from adults. None. Excuses, lies, baloney, tardiness, blah, blah - this mama has no time for you.

That's kind of hardcore, huh? I swear I'm a lot nicer than that!

I will say having a baby is like living in a new universe - I have literally never felt such an emotional shift in my life. 2 years in and it still feels like my life is not real. I'm aware of how incredibly blessed my little family is and that I really live a charmed life.


Q11. Share a funny Cam story - Yes, I'm obsessed with your child.
She is such a silly kid. Like makes me laugh multiple times a day just because she's doing something cute/funny/smart. Her most recent thing is mimicking this end zone dance that I taught her. We say "brush brush brush brush fly fly fly fly fly fly fly." It's hilarious. It's from this commercial.


Q12. If you could do any job - and it'd pay you more than what you needed - what would you do?
I'd be a stay-at-home mom in a heartbeat. Moms should get paid more to do that :)
Ps. I have kind of a dream job right now, so don't get me wrong, I don't take that for granted #kissass

Q13. If you didn't live in OKC, where would you want to live?
Maui. Austin. Denver. In that order. And only Denver because Matt is obsessed with moving to Colorado.

Bobbie is my person for so many things -- budget advice, that time I decided I'd go vegan and wanted some yummy recipes, constant requests for videos of cutie Cam... speaking of, brace yourself for the best family pictures ever at the end of this post - Amy did a great job capturing Matt, Bobbie and sweet Cam girl.  

Thank you BE for everything you've ever done, and continue to do, for me!



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