Monday, November 18, 2013

I spy...

I spy an ironing board with 4 recently pressed pants...
  • If you know me, you know this is a MAJOR accomplishment. Usually, pants aren't pressed because "they'll just get wrinkled again when I get in the car and drive somewhere." And tops, well, they're usually "ironed" with a hair straightener once I put them on and notice the wrinkles.

I spy a completely empty dishwasher...
  • Never mind the clean dishes sat in there for 2 days waiting to be put away.

I spy a guest bedroom that is "guest ready..."
  • Mommacita and Papas come next week for Thanksgiving!!

I spy an iPhone calendar that is FAR too full this week...
  • 2 Downtown in December presentations
  • 1 Thunder game
  • 1 Board Serve class
  • 1 Downtown in December kickoff party
  • 1 Shop Hop event
  • 1 happy hour with Erik (after rescheduling 3... cough cough... maybe 4 times!)
  • 1 working lunch with my JPS to give Downtown in December a little bit of Yelpy flair
  • 1 Barre3 date with Lacey
  • 1 Barre3 Yelp event 
  • 1 appointment to get Santa's mailbox ready for its holiday debut
  • 1 weekend of dog sitting
  • ... and many more miscellaneous meetings (alliteration for the win!)

Oh wait, there's one more thing on my calendar that I didn't mention... it's a very important event that comes around once a year... and it just so happens to be TODAY!!!

I spy the birthday of my best friend - the one and only Spy himself!!

There are no words to describe just how invaluable his friendship has been to me over the last 8 months. But here are a few words from people who love him lots...
  • My favorite memory with Ferris would definitely be dancing in the street at Premiere. - Kimmy
  • Ferris and I got busted for playing alternative music on our weekend jazz show on a public radio station -- after we had been playing this genre for three months. We promptly drove to the outskirts of Norman to an AM radio station and pitch our show. The owner of the radio station was a country boy and said, "You boys think you can sell it?" We lie. "Yes!! Sure. Yes!" He gave us Friday and Saturday nights. We left the station, promptly hit a pothole and got a flat tire. We didn't care. We were so happy and walked all the way back to Norman. The Fringe, Oklahoma's first student run alternative radio station, was born that night. It was on the air longer than 95X! - Chance & Kristy
  • It's hard to pick one favorite memory with Ferris, but I loved going down to Norman with him one winter, freezing my booty off (no heater), and being greeted by Jonathan Fowler as Santa, making everything alright. Pictures to prove! - Lacey
  • Ferris is my boyfriend. The love of my life. We really get each other. I love that Ferris is so considerate of other people, and he is sooo kind. We also have the bat-ear ESP, which is pretty special. - Brandi 
Shhh, no one tell Brandi that Ferr isn't really her boyfriend. It'd break her heart. 
::wink wink:: Love ya sis!
  • My favorite thing would be that he has a BIG HEART - he thinks of others before himself. I admire his passion for music & animals! Two of my favorite memories: 1. The day we got our 1st dog - he was so excited! 2. And of course, the day he realized his dream of "The Spy!" - Ferr's Mom
  • He's the best friend anyone could have. He's thoughtful, hilarious and incredibly dependable. - Jenn
  • I legitimately owe a huge part of my success in OKC to Ferris taking a chance on me & Allan. He lets us do the stupidest things, even though he knows most of it won't work very well... so that's my favorite thing about him. My second favorite thing is that he's old and racist. (Shocker: this comedian followed up a very poignant statement with a wisecrack) - Rayke, who else!
  • I met Ferris for the first time when my high school boyfriend drove me to Stillwater to see the Spy studio and meet Ferris. He didn't make me feel like the uncool kid I was; he made me feel like a VIP. He has such a big heart and anyone who gets to be in his orbit is better because of it! - Lyndi

Ferr - you already know most of my favorite things about you, but here are a few memories that I probably don't mention that often:
  • You are an honorary DOKC employee. You never complain when I ask you to save the day in the 11th hour. 
  • You brought me a change of shoes when my sandals snapped at an event. 
  • You cut cardboard so that it wouldn't show under whiskey barrels filled with cement. 
  • You tried to fit a ping pong table in the back of your vehicle -- everyone knew it wouldn't fit, but you humored me and said "we can try!" 
  • You are my Hideaway buddy, my endless encourager, my comedic relief when nothing seems funny, my "good music" educator and my best friend!! 
  • Oh, you also gave me an outlet to be "on stage" again - I've been bitten by the voiceover bug! My favorite from the reel below is definitely the last spot. I thought it was going to be left on the cutting room floor and labeled a blooper, but it actually ended up on the air!

Happy Birthday Ferris! We all love you to pieces! Enjoy this day, you only turn 35 once!!!



  1. There isn't a price that you can place on a friendship like the one you have with "Ferriswheel"!

  2. "Shhh, no one tell Brandi that Ferr isn't really her boyfriend. It'd break her heart.
    ::wink wink:: Love ya sis!"

    I don't understand...??

  3. Totally made my day! Totally! To the moon lobster 👀❤️👉