Monday, November 4, 2013

All I want for Christmas is...

Halloween is over, and Thanksgiving is quickly approaching. Is it just me or does it seem like people jump over this amazing holiday that falls between getting candy and getting gifts? Thanksgiving is seriously my favorite holiday of all time - best food & best family time!

Well - I'm going to join the masses today and share my Christmas wish-list!

I can't remember the last time I really made a list, but between some home "needs" and some closet "wants," it seemed appropriate this year!

Wishing for the home...

I mentioned before how I'm obsessed with Pippin + Pearl. I desperately want one of Erin's paintings for the bare wall in my dining room.


I've been casually looking for some fabric to recover the dining room chairs I purchased recently. I do have to admit, when I had friends over for dinner the other night, I made a joke about how I was okay if they spilled chili on the chairs because I'm going to replace the fabric soon.

Once I recover them, I'm afraid I might be OCD about the fabric staying perfectly pristine! Since I don't have anything in that space yet, print or color wise, it's a free for all! Well that, plus my living room has so many colors and patterns in it already. Here are a few of the fabrics I'm loving right now:


When I was scrolling through my Instagram feed the other day, I saw this photo and the striped fabric jumped out at me. Momma has a similar fabric in our house in NC. I immediately texted her to see if she remembered where she got it. I think it might be the perfect choice for my dining room - it'll lend itself to so many other colors/patterns in the space. 

Okay, this next one feels silly to post. I am obsessed simply a big fan of Oxo containers. I finally "broke down" and bought 2 the other day at Target. Well, now I'm in trouble because I want them for everything in my kitchen. They fix the "problem" that I have with short shelves - I have (what feels like) an unlimited amount of storage space in my kitchen, but your typical cereal box is too tall for most of the cabinets. 


Now, let's move on, because my jam-packed closet wants to snuggle with a few more things...

I would wear sandals year-round if I could, but I get weird looks when I'm bundled up in my "eskimo coat," scarf and gloves, but my pedicured toes are out for everyone to see. I really struggle with casual winter shoes - many of my heels are closed toe, but sometimes I just want a comfy, closed-toe shoe that isn't an Ugg boot. 

Enter the Jack Purcell. I want. For many of our winter events, I'm running around in jeans and sneakers. Well, not only are my sneakers in pretty rough shape, but they are a little too "gym" for not being at the gym. Man, I sound high maintenance... 

Can Kate Spade do any wrong? No. The answer is no. These items make my heart pitter patter - glitter, gold, ampersands?! All day. Every day. LOVE! And don't even get me started on this fabulous coat! Photos are linked to website for your shopping convenience - he he.


Now, I'm in the mood to decorate my house for the holidays -- but I'm still not ready for Christmas music. December 1st should be the standard for when that starts. Even though, Momma sent me 2 voice memos ON HALLOWEEN of the radio station at home already playing Christmas tunes. Not. Okay.

Do you make a Christmas wish list? If so, what's on it this year?! xoxo, E

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