Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Dear iPhone photos, you saved the day

I am running, running, running. So, it seemed fitting to do a "life according to my iPhone photo album" post.

I literally squealed when this package arrived at work. I'm a sucker for great details - and Stephanie definitely topped the charts with her packaging! Can't wait to get this "Hey y'all!" beauty up on my wall. Just a little taste of home!

I sent 4 more #LetteredLetters out in the mail. I'm seriously loving this project -- and I'm especially loving people's reactions to the letters!


It made my day to see Lacey posted about her letter on Instagram! I love this girl mucho mucho.

There was lots of Spy love over the last week. First up was the VDub 3rd anniversary party. It was so much fun to celebrate the hard work of so many of OKC's movers and shakers! Plus, there was awesome music to be heard... I also had some fun recording a couple spots in the Spy studios.


Gotta love some holiday picture fun between friends. Santa, Mrs. Claus & Rudolph - the gang's all here!

These booties showed up in my Instagram feed TWICE over the weekend. Naturally, that meant I had to have them. Plus they were UBER on sale. No brainer, am I right?!


I finally started that letter to 30-year-old Eliz... threats ensued. 

Mallory and I presented on Downtown in December to the Bricktown Rotary group... We killed it.


We dined at Whiskey Cake for Ferr's birthday & I caught a quick snap chat of PIC(squared) for Kimmy!


The Thunder kicked booty (barely) against the Denver Nuggets.

And last, but certainly not least, Mommacita and I started menu planning for Thanksgiving. 
Hallelujah! Yummy food is on its way!

Sometimes life gets so crazy that I can't remember what I've been up to. Luckily, my photo album jogs my memory!


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