Friday, November 8, 2013

5 Things Friday

So, we're going to go a different direction this week with 5 Things Friday -- Let's focus on 5 things from the past week that I'm obsessed with and can't stop thinking about!!

1. Ben Rector... I'm sorry, did you hear me? BEN RECTOR!!
The concert was absolutely amazing. Not only is he just as phenomenal live as he is on his record, but the boy can also put on a show! I was loving all of the light cues, AND he's funny! Look out, I'm in love.

Watch a snipit of my favorite song (and one of those awesome light cues) here! As you can see from my Twitter feed, I wasn't excited at all...

2. Jenny made a couple ear warmers for us to keep warm this holiday season - and Miss Foxie Moxie set the bar pretty high for how to wear it and how to pose.

3. I finally put some more decor up on my walls!! My Hot Skwash were also added to the dining room table. Thanksgiving is coming!! If you're in the OKC area, you can get similar pumpkins - and an adorable acorn, like the one I have below - at Plenty Mercantile!

4. Anyone who knows me knows that I am obsessed -- OBSESSED -- with Nick Collison. Well, I was sitting at a stop sign downtown, and guess who pulled up behind me?! All of my "creeper pic" taking skills came in mighty handy! Captured this photo of him via my rear view mirror!

5. I put my first envelope for #LetteredLetters in the mail this week -- and I made the list of 100 people I plan to send letters to! Obviously, this list will change, but I feel like I've already accomplished something in the project by making the list.

This first letter went to Baby Tripp. He's a tough little guy who's been fighting pretty hard ever since he entered the world. I've been keeping up with his progress via a sorority sister's Facebook - he's her cousin's little boy. For some reason, I really felt like it was important for Tripp to get the first letter in this series!

I think I'm going to start putting up my Christmas decor this weekend -- I'm so excited!! It's gotten pretty chilly in OKC this week, so it already feels like the holidays outside as well.

Have a great weekend!


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