Friday, November 1, 2013

5 Things Friday

It's Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday! I seriously don't think that song will ever get old in my book... 

1. Speaking of a song that makes you wanna dance - oh wait, did I not say that "Friday" always makes me want to dance? Well, at the final H&8th of the season last week, Todd caught me busting a move! I think these candid videos of me dancing might become a weekly occurrence... 

2. The weekend that I've been waiting for has FINALLY come - I get to see Ben Rector in concert on Sunday! I can't even handle my excitement. To say that I'm obsessed with the sweet, sweet music stylings of Mr. Rector is a grave understatement.

He was on Jimmy Kimmel earlier in the month and posted this video on his Facebook page. I've watched it a couple (too many) times. Seriously, you guys, the smile that happens at 1:55 - be still my heart!!

3. So, apparently I've been living under a rock and didn't realize that not only can I get a pair of prescription glasses from Warby Parker for $95, but they also let you choose 5 frames to try at home. The best part? They ship them to you for FREE - with return shipping also paid!

I picked out 5 frames and the box arrived this week. I'm pretty pumped! I've had my current glasses since the 9th grade -- and I'll be honest, as soon as I tried on a couple of the frames, I had this weird loyalty and nostalgia for my current glasses. Sometimes my goofiness even catches me off-guard. (I actually wore my glasses this week - a rare occurrence - pictured on right. Goofy nature of the picture was intended to brighten Kimmy's day.)


4. I stumbled upon Katelyn Brooke's blog a couple weeks ago, and one of the first posts I read was about her latest "passion project," Lettered Letters. Basically, she is going to write 100 letters in a year. Not only will this project help her keep in touch with people in her life, but it also gives her a creative outlet to practice her lettering - my kind of girl!! I've decided that I am going to attempt this project as well - with my goal being 100 letters by November 1, 2014. Yes, this means I now have 2 year-long goals that I'm working on. (25 while 25 being the other)

Interested in joining in on the fun? 
1. Read her original post here 
2. Read her update here 
3. Join in and use the hashtag #letteredletters on Instagram and Twitter! 

Also - if you're interested in being one of the recipients to help me fill up my list of 100 people, leave a comment below, text me or send me a tweet!

5. I can't remember the last time I really made a "Christmas list." Usually my parents will just shop for me and get things they know I'll love. They do an AMAZING job. I don't think any two parents have ever known their child as well as my parents "get" me. Well, this year there are a few things that are actually on my wish list for Christmas - to be revealed next week!

I also realized that all of my adorable Halloween/fall decor didn't make its way out of my garage this year. That will NOT be the case with my Christmas decor. I'm excited to decorate the new house for the holidays - and to be sure it gets done, I am going to schedule some "decorate my house" time soon!


Is it Sunday yet? Ben Rector! Ben Rector! Ben Rector! I'm so glad Sissy and Ferr are road-tripping with me to Tulsa for the concert. Ferris doesn't know what he signed up for when he agreed to go with these two love-sick Ben Rector-ites. I foresee a lot of eye rolling in his future. Sis, you ready?!

xoxo, E


  1. i am SOO ready!!! I don't think Tulsa is ready for us!

  2. Silly girl! You can go try on any and all Warby frames at Shop Good! Right around the corner from your office :) I'm in the market for a new pair as well. To replace the lenses in my current frames was going to be like, $300, WHICH IS INSANE. So I'm getting a whole new pair instead! I've been meaning to get to Shop Good all week and have just been too busy! Perhaps we should have a Saturday date there....

  3. Please add me to that Shop Good date! I have been wanting to go there for weeks to snag a new pair. I think we should make it a lunch and glasses date...