Monday, December 2, 2013

Stuffed Silly

Well, not only did I survive stuffing myself silly with ham and sweet potatoes, but I also had an incredible weekend full of Downtown in December events. More about the events tomorrow, but here's a peek at the first Thanksgiving in my Okie bungalow!

Momma never ceases to spoil me rotten every time she visits -- and this trip was no exception. Check out my gorgeous new kitchen rug! I absolutely love it.

On Wednesday night, before my dad landed in OKC, Momma and I got busy prepping the yumminess for Thursday's Thanksgiving meal. Even though I don't like deviled eggs, I was pretty proud of the finished product. I was definitely disappointed that I didn't have an egg plate, but I improvised!

On Thanksgiving morning, things were abuzz as we got ready for the day, rotated what was cooking in the oven and watched the parade on TV.


To be honest, I was really worried about having Thanksgiving at my house. I didn't think that I had the necessary pans, kitchen tools, space, etc. to have a Thanksgiving that would live up to our festivities at home. But you guys, it was awesome -- and the food was delicious!


Thanksgiving was wonderful, and having my parents here was the best gift of all. I hate that they were only here for a short time, but I'm so excited that I will be flying home soon for Christmas and will be in North Carolina for 8 days! 

I can't believe that it's already December! I also can't believe that I woke up Saturday morning, checked my bank account before heading out to one of my events and found that someone had stolen my credit card number and did some Black Friday shopping at Best Buy and JC Penny - about $1,000 worth.

Not exactly the best way to start my day, but I still have so much to be thankful for. My biggest "thanks" lately is for Bank of America and their liability protection!

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, full of delicious food and priceless family time.


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  1. And the BEST potatoes like ever!!! #GiveMeMoreLeftOvers