Thursday, December 19, 2013

Hey girl hey

If you'll remember, I'm a self-proclaimed blue. So, it won't come as a surprise when I tell you that I got teary hanging the latest set of frames in my laundry room. 

When Mommacita was 10 years old, she created these needle point characters on burlap. She and my Nanny found them while going through some things at Nanny's house a month or so ago. After I went on and on about how much I loved them - and how impressed I was at Momma's mad skills - she asked if I wanted them for my house.

I was honestly a little surprised that she didn't want to keep them safe at our house in NC, but I jumped at the opportunity! Not only do their silly expressions make me giggle, but it's so special to have something that little Millie made years ago. 

She and I got a little slap happy over Thanksgiving, and I started creating voices and signature phrases for each of the characters. A couple of them were moments where you just had to be there, but the rhino is giving the birdie the sly eye and saying, "Hey girl heeeyyyyy." 

I wish you could see the detail in this photos - I'm so obsessed! 

I'm so glad that Momma gave me these pretties and had them framed for my house. They definitely give some humor and brightness - and a little bit of sentimental flair - to my laundry room walls!


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  1. SO cute. I could see those in a nursery, too! (Not dropping hints, just sayin'.) Adorable. Miss you and Momma Millie. - Dori