Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Weekend Wrap-up: Part 1

You guys, this weekend was a doozy, but we made it! We survived - and thrived - in our busy season!!

Papas came to visit on Friday night and I took him to his first Thunder game. [Thanks to DOKC for the awesome club seats!] My dad was adorable taking pictures and looking up the players' stats throughout the game. We had such a good time together!

Because of how our season tickets are, Papas had to sit behind me for the first half of the game. He didn't seem to mind though, look at that smile! My boss' hubby was so kind and traded seats with my dad for the second half.

The Thunder played so well and whooped the Laker's butt. The ushers called dad "Carolina Flash," and we all decided he was our good luck charm for the game.

5 a.m. on Saturday came far too early, but it was back to work and time for the Santa Run. I always get a little nervous when my phone rings from an unknown number on an event day, but the call that came at 5:30 a.m. was a good one - my street closure barricades were set and in place a whole hour and a half ahead of time! As an event coordinator, there's no sweeter sight than this... well, as long as it's a planned closure.


One of my favorite parts of being an event coordinator is working on event layouts. This year's Santa Run layout was one of my favorites to put together.


The kids dash was just too cute! The little boy in the Santa hat was so excited to be running - and he even won the dash. It was also pretty adorable to see the dad on the right running the race with his little one.


Can you believe these costumes? I loved the milk & cookie duo - so creative. The 1st place award went to the Grinch - she made that costume without using a pattern!! It looked just like the Grinch costume from the Jim Carey movie.

Whew, I'm tired again after just writing this post - and it's only half of my weekend wrap-up! Come back tomorrow for a peek at the new decor in my laundry room and the details from my calligraphy class in Dallas!


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