Tuesday, December 10, 2013

What a Weekend

It's no secret that we had quite the winter storm at the end of last week. Obviously, I took the obligatory pictures of my little bungalow covered in snow.


My poor little buffalo went from a white bottom to completely hidden overnight!

While it was beautiful, this wintery weather froze the pipes at my house. After turning up the heat to 75, blocking the outdoor vents with towels and opening up the faucets, I prayed that my efforts would be successful!

Since I had to work at the boutique on Saturday, Ferr went to my house to check on the progress. He said that he heard rushing water when he walked in the house -- luckily it was the open faucet in my bathtub and not a burst pipe!

Yet another homeownership rite of passage...

A few people have asked how my class in Dallas went on Thursday. Well, that delightful weather put a wrench in my calligraphy class plans. Unfortunately, the class got canceled and our drive back to OKC was a bit hairy.

Ferris' Jeep was our saving grace. We hit some unexpected ice while I was driving on our way back to OKC, and I kept repeating "I got it - I got it," as we slid back and forth Dukes of Hazard style. Basically, I was convincing myself that we were going to be ok. The tears welled up once we were safely driving once again, and needless to say, I was done being in the driver's seat... D-O-N-E!

The great thing about being snowed-in for three days was that I finally got to work on some of the projects that I hadn't had time for.

I baked a delicious sweet potato casserole and pumpkin cookies. Two more recipes for the 25 while 25 list!

I also took time to transfer the recipes from their source of origin to my custom recipe cards that KH designed for me! Side note: I had a goal in 2012 of trying 1 new recipe a week -- that is a goal that majorly bombed. I am determined that "25 while 25" will not have the same fate!!

I also mapped out (in pen!) my training program for the half marathon in my planner. I guess it's official... I'm doing a half marathon in April! Well, registering will make it official - I haven't gotten around to it yet - but it's on the to do list.

While working this weekend, I had way too much fun trying on the printed leggings in the shop. I'm obsessed!

I started training for my half marathon training last night and already have the first blister -- the plan is to get back in the gym tonight. I hope you have a terrific Tuesday!


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