Thursday, December 5, 2013

A December 25w25 Update

Another month has passed -- which means I'm one month closer to being 26 -- this also means I'm one month closer to the deadline of my 25 while 25 list!

1. Train for and run a half marathon
It's almost time for me to commit and sign up to run in the OKC Memorial Half Marathon - the date of the race is April 27th. I'm trying to convince Lacey to train with me! Anyone else want to help me put the pressure on her??

2. Try 15 new Keep it Local retailers/restaurants
I'm at 10 establishments currently, so I've got 5 more to add to the list. Luckily, I picked up my 2014 Keep it Local card this past weekend. I'm ready to hit it hard in the new year!

3. Try 15 new recipes
I forgot that Momma and I made key lime pie when she visited this summer. I'm also counting our Thanksgiving cooking as one recipe since it was a team effort!

16. Donate blood
Someone dropped a flier off in our office this week promoting a blood drive in our building next week. Sis casually mentioned it and I think I started her when I squealed, "When?! It's on my list!!" So, next week I will be donating blood and checking this off my list!

20. Try 25 new "tastes" (try a bite or two of something I've never had before)
At the Deluxe Winter Market last weekend, Marshall shared a bite of his brussels sprouts with me. You guys, best thing ever. Kaiteki Ramen knows how to make this veggie delicous!! I took Sissy out to dinner for her birthday this week, and after sharing my moderate anxiety over completing my 25w25 list, we decided to order something off the menu that I hadn't tried before. So, we ordered a small plate that had quail in it. It was delicious, and as cliche as it sounds, it tasted like chicken!

Plans went a little awry today because of all the wintery weather - but I'm snuggled up and staying warm. Hope you are too!


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