Monday, October 21, 2013

We're doin' Swine, Oklahoma...

If you are hungry, I urge you to stop reading right here.


Alrighty... I tried to warn you!

The second annual 6 Degrees of Bacon event was a huge success! The event completely sold out (500 tickets), and we had 12 restaurants participate.

We work really hard in our office - but we also know how to play hard! We took a quick break from setting up to kick up our heels -- well, I did. It appears that B didn't get the memo.


The pig mascots were a huge hit again this year. Josh did such a great job DJ-ing the event.
We had lots of people - and pigs - dancing! There is also a video floating around of the pigs doing their version of "What Does the Fox Say?" (video at bottom of post)

Todd brought out The SNL Photobooth, and folks had a great time taking pictures. The "human" pigs and Yelp pigs were definitely the favorites among the props. The pictures turned out amazing!

Our staff was so busy running around that we didn't get to try much of the food, but below you will see some mouth-watering photos (hence the warning above) taken by our dear friend Chris. He is so crazy talented! His photos are the second best thing to actually getting to eat all the bacon.


It was awesome to see so many of our sweet friends at the event - including MRS. JPS!!

Caught in the act of creeping on MM. This is officially my new favorite picture. 

At the end of the event, our staff took the opportunity to jump in The SNL Booth to take a couple of pictures.

I can't wait to get the CD from Todd -- the volume of "outtakes" from this photo attempt is great and there are sure to be some hilarious ones -- case in point...

Now that Bacon is over, it's time to kick things in to high-gear for the holidays. xoxo, E

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