Friday, October 4, 2013

About me... in other people's words

I've sat down at my computer, many a time, to write an "about me" for the blog. But every time I've tried, it just seems to come up short... or it's boring... or it doesn't sum up how wonderfully fabulous I am! (Kidding)

Well, this Twitter conversation with @frameworthyd prompted me to try again...

::insert a few messages that aren't relevant to this post::

a.) I cannot wait to share with you guys how I met this darling gal - you're going to flip over her work
b.) I had never heard of Skillshare - am I the only one?! Such an awesome concept! 
c.) Has anyone noticed how I'm already putting off working on my About Me?

Okay, focus...

To get myself started, I decided to find out how other people think of me. I didn't tell any of them what this was for - but I did preface my "How would you describe me in 5 words?" with "This isn't a trick!"

Survey says:
organized, fashionable, hardworking, kind-hearted and creative
thoughtful, creative, energetic, encouraging, loyal
smart, funny, organized, stylish, professional
FUN, organized, effervescent, intelligent, dependable... shopaholic (yes, that's 6 words)
clever, eloquent, expressive, sparkling, compassionate
witty, fashionable, strong-willed (it’s still 1 word if it’s a hyphen), confident, clever
passionate, thoughtful, pretty, original, brave
energetic, compassionate, honest, dependable and good-lookin'

My friends are pretty awesome, aren't they? I went ahead and highlighted my favorite descriptors above. There were a couple that surprised me! I also thought it was interesting to see which words were listed by multiple people.

Okay, here we go.
Hi! I'm Elizabeth - an organized, creative, fashion-loving Event Coordinator in Oklahoma City. My friends say I'm kind-hearted, funny, expressive, encouraging and witty. You might also hear them say I'm strong-willed, passionate, effervescent, sparkling and good-lookin'. 
In all seriousness, I am a Carolina girl who says "y'all" and can usually be found with a Diet Dr. Pepper in hand. I am obsessed with Barre3 and have dreams of being a calligrapher and stationery designer. I am a new homeowner, wildly passionate about the growth of my city, a big fan of baking, and a girl who really needs to get caught up on her DVR. 
I want to be the kind of woman who commands attention when she walks in the room, the kind of friend who is called upon in times of need, and the kind of person that I can look at in the mirror and be proud of.
This is my little corner of the blogosphere, and if you join me, you'll be along for the vulnerable, honest and fabulous ride that is my life as a twenty-something.
So... what do you think?
xoxo, E

PS. I have to share the followup my dear friend Kelly sent after her list: "I wanted to say trendy, as in you are totally plugged in and know all the cool things and places, but trendy can be a kind of negative word sometimes." I absolutely love that girl - and this made me laugh pretty hard!

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  1. If i didn't know you, and this was the about me I read for the first time, i'd hit subscribe!