Monday, October 7, 2013

Let's go Dutch!

Some days, I have this sudden urge to pack up and move - tornado season is one of those times! But I have to tell you, last Thursday was one of those days where I got in my car at the end of the night and just couldn't help but say out loud, "Man, it's an awesome time to be in Oklahoma City."

First on the agenda for the evening was the grand opening of Dutch.

This space is a collaboration between two of the most fabulous ladies in OKC's event scene. Not only does Dutch have great gifts for the home and a cash & carry option for flowers, but you guys, the arrangements that have been coming out of this shop are to die for! I mean seriously. 


The space used to be the old Phillips 66 gas station on Route 66. If you know me, you know I'm obsessed with this kind of stuff. But even if that wasn't the case, this little shop would be one of my favorites from the look of it alone. So cute, right?!

Before I even went inside, I knew I was head-over-heels in love. 
1. Kelly (one of the owners) is a doll! She's doing the flowers for Vicky's wedding this weekend.
2. I totally drool over every picture in their Instagram feed. 
3. I heard there was going to be cake at the grand opening... need I say more?

So when I went inside, I was prepared to swoon - well, get ready to catch me, I feel faint. 

Oh yes, there was cake - and good lord, it was delicious! I decided my favorite flavor on the table was the spice with cream cheese icing... I mean, I decided this by surveying the crowd, obviously... not because I tried the 3 varieties. Ok, fine. I did. But it was Amy's idea. I swear!

If you have cards... Elizabeth will come... Okay, so maybe I changed it a bit from "Field of Dreams," but it's true. Such a cute display!

I think it's safe to say that I'm officially obsessed with Dutch and all the offerings. I'm looking forward to going back and meandering my way through the shop to really look at all the products. It was a packed house for the grand opening - which is precisely what I hoped would be the case for them!

Up tomorrow on the blog, my rundown of PUSH >> OKC. The second "wow, my city rocks" moment from last Thursday.

xoxo, E

Amy Cakes