Monday, October 14, 2013

Heinz ketchup or no ketchup

This weekend, the day that Vicky had been planning for and working towards, for almost a year and a half, finally arrived. I had the distinct pleasure of being along for the ride on this planning journey. Vicky and I both share a (overwhelmingly strong) love for Kate Spade. She decided that her reception would be a nod to Miss KS and full of confetti & glitter.

On Saturday, I loaded up all the fun and headed downtown to the venue for setup! It needs to be said, many times in the post, that I wouldn't have been able to get the space ready without B's help.


Oh, one quick deviation from the recap of Saturday's shindig - a quick look at the rehearsal...


This folder was my lifeline for the setup on Saturday. VIP inside - Very Important Papers, that is. 

The reception was held on the 50th floor of Devon Tower. You cannot imagine how beautiful the views are through the floor to ceiling windows! Our city sure does look pretty all lit up at night!

Truly, this post doesn't need many words from me. So, I'll save the words and allow you to enjoy the photos!

These frames detailed Vicky & Evan's engagement story. Evan did a great job creating a scavenger hunt, with various tasks, ending with him kneeling and asking Miss Vicky to be his forever bride.

These cocktail napkins were a fun, sneaky project for the couple. Vicky designed the "My Texas Boy" napkins, and I worked with Evan to get a list of adjectives to describe Vicky. She didn't see the "My Texas Girl" napkins until the reception - and he knew nothing of the project at all. It was so fun to see their reactions!

I am simply obsessed with this photo of Vicky dancing with her dad. She had that smile on her face all night long - and the only thing that might've been cuter was the smile on Evan's face as he watched her dance. Truly priceless.

My second favorite aspect of the reception, the first being the "My Texas Boy/Girl" cocktail napkins, is without a doubt the ketchup bottle favors. As soon as Vicky told me about the idea, I knew she had to do it! Anyone who knows Evan knows his obsession with Heinz ketchup. If you ask Evan, it's Heinz or nothing...

... so naturally, the groom got the big bottle!

I'm so very glad that I was able to play such a special role in Vicky and Evan's special day! I've never known a couple better suited for each other. xoxo, E

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  1. I am so so so happy with how everything turned out and how absolutely perfect the night was! All of the details were amazing! You're the best!!!