Monday, May 5, 2014

Our City. Our Team.

It literally came down to the wire in the first round of the playoffs for our Thunder. With the series tied at 3-3 and Game 7 on the horizon, our staff went out on Friday to Thunder Up the bridge to the arena and the aforementioned chalk wall!

This is one of my favorite ways that our city shows Thunder pride during the playoffs. 
Man our boys are good lookin'. 

Double-fisting chalk is the only way to play, baby!

I love this pic of Mal working on her chalk art while two little ladies took a break from their pieces to watch.

Oh, and apparently Nick Collison called Mal and asked her to pen this little ditty for me. [Swoon!]

How epically awesome is this unicorn that Jilly freehanded. She's so fancy!

Joe, Cam, AJ and Brandi worked on the poster displays under the Bricktown Bridge.

Can you guess what's coming?

Game 1 of the second round is tonight - and we're playing the Clippers at home. Let's do this! #ThunderUp

xoxo, E

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