Thursday, May 1, 2014

Announcing 26 while 26

I have mentioned time and time again just how much I loved doing my 25 while 25 project. My mom asked me one day if I planned on doing a 26 while 26 list.

To be honest, I had given it some thought and wasn't sure if a) I'd have the motivation to complete a second year-long project and b) I wondered if people would care enough to stick with me through a second year.

Momma, in typical mom fashion, said "I think that your 25 while 25 list is the best thing you did for yourself this year. It got you out trying new things!"

And you know what? Momma was right... as she usually is.

I got a lot of input from family and friends as I created my 26 while 26 list.

  • Kimmy said that she thought I should do more "adventure" posts. (I definitely agree with that!) 
  • Chris has been trying to get me to go to a hockey game for over a year - and he's been offering to teach me to ice skate for almost just as long. (Those are on the list now!) 
  • I've got that itch to explore new cities, so that one had to go on the list. (Wish list: Austin, New Orleans, Kansas City, San Francisco, St. Louis, Seattle...) 
  • There's only one half marathon officially on my list, but I have plans for a couple. One of those plans include getting Kelly to run with us! 
  • The last time I got new glasses was 2002. That was the 9th grade folks. It's time.
  • Chelsi wants me to go skydiving - uh, no - but I have a close second to it on the list!
  • I mentioned that I fell "in like" with golf over Easter weekend, so I decided I wanted to spend some time at the driving range. (Little known fact: I took golf lessons as a kid. It didn't stick, obviously)

Year 26 is here, and it's the start of new adventures. I hope you enjoy the list!

Drumroll, please...

Elizabeth's List of 26 Things to Accomplish While 26 Years Old:

1. Spend Time in Five New Cities

2. Take an Uppercase/Advanced Calligraphy Class

3. Try Twenty Six New Tastes

4. Take Three Barre3 Classes a Week for Two Months

5. Complete the SandRidge Sky Trail

6. Join a Running Group

7. Run the Disney Princess Half Marathon

8. Have a Girls Weekend in Atlanta with Meredith

9. Finally Do a "Places I've Traveled" Map

10. Explore Klyde Warren Park in Dallas

11. Finish My Lettered Letters Project

12. Get New Glasses

13. Go Kayaking

14. Go to a Hockey Game

15. Hunt down as many of the B_G statues in Dallas as possible

16. Take a Photography Class

17. Take a Cooking Class

18. Volunteer with Three Different Organizations

19. Try Ten New Restaurants in OKC

20. Take a Yoga Class

21. "Unplug" for 48 Hours

22. Learn to Shoot a Gun

23. Go Indoor Skydiving in Fayetteville, NC

24. Learn to Ice Skate

25. Spend Some Time at the Driving Range

26. See At Least One Movie Per Month in the Theatre

So, there it is. Time to get started!

xoxo, E


  1. I love these lists! I makes me want to do one of my own. :) P.S. I was hoping your new half-marathon was going to be the Disney one. If I ever do another one, that will be the one.

  2. I run the Disney Princess 5k (I'm so not a runner) and it's such a fun weekend! the costumes are fantastic. It does sell out fast though and the resorts book quickly. Have a magical time!

  3. Ya know...I think you have officially inspired me to do my own. My birthday is May 13th, so the time is just right! Also, really excited to see indoor skydiving made the list! That's something I might actually be able to pull off as well. I hope there are pictures!