Friday, May 23, 2014

A Quick 26 while 26 Update

This first month of 26 while 26 has been a slow-achieving month to say the least.

Yesterday, Mallory and I went to the the ribbon cutting for the new zip line across the river. Looking up at the sky trail, I'm a little curious how crazy I must've been to add this to my list of goals to achieve this year. Deep breath, Newton.

Here's a video of the Mayor taking the zip line across the river. Looks pretty fun right?!

The last of May's #LetteredLetters are going out in the mail today. Nine people will have some very happy mail in their boxes this weekend!!

I'm also making some slow progress on my new tastes list too. Joe let me have a bite of his sushi when we went to GoGo, so I've officially added Super White Tuna to the list!

Gouda is also a recently acquired taste. But my love for Gouda is really no surprise, seeing as how I've never met a cheese that I didn't love. And if you think I took a snack break long enough to take a pic, you'd be wrong. #CouldntBeAVegan

I must give a big "thank you" to Josh for taking me to see "The Other Woman" last weekend - it's May's "Movie in the Theatre." There were quite a few movies in the previews that had us saying, "Okay, that'll be the next one!" I don't think this particular goal will be a difficult one to complete...

I'm so incredibly grateful for a 3-day holiday weekend. Even if it's going to be rainy, it'll be nice to have a slow and restful weekend!

xoxo, E

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