Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Little Miss Tour Guide

I had the chance to spend some extra-special girl time with Bobbie and Miss Cam this past weekend at the OKC Zoo! I've been wanting to go and see the baby gorilla, so when Bobbie texted on Sunday morning to ask if I wanted to join them at the zoo, I jumped at the chance to go and see the animals.

Little Miss was a superb tour guide and activity planner. She directed us towards the rhino as soon as we entered the park. According to Cam, he was about to go swim in the pool...

Up next on Cam's agenda: the giraffe exhibit. 

However, I got distracted by the buffalo statue along the way... I know you're all SHOCKED by this. It cracked me up when Cam called him a zebra. We had to talk about how he just has a zebra hiney but a buffalo head.

We also got distracted by a few more animals and a rhino statue...

Finally we arrived at the giraffe exhibit!

Just around the corner from the giraffes, we saw a couple of zebras. Bobbie asked Cam what color the zebra was, and her reply was a simple, "No." I told Bobbie that she was kind of right since white is the absence of color. That little one is wise beyond her years. ::wink wink::

It's official. I love baby gorillas. I was so captivated by this little monkey!

Also, the chimpanzee's were having so much fun on their jungle gym. Yes, that's a Thunder blanket the monkey is carrying. Everyone in our city knows how to properly Thunder Up!

We finished our fun morning with a ride on the carousel and a group selfie!

I am so glad I was invited to spend the morning with Bobbie and Cam at the zoo. Seeing the animals through the eyes of Little Miss was pretty awesome - especially when she looked at me wide-eyed and said, "Do you hear the bird?!" It was a cardinal, so I had the chance to share a little bit about the North Carolina state bird with her!

Oh, and Bobbie and I decided that Cam is braver than us both. She was all about looking at the bats... and we were all about getting the heck out of there!

xoxo, E

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