Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Little Misters

My friends have the cutest minis. I got to spend some quality time with two of my favorite little misters last week. 

First up, Sammers tagged along to a meeting that I had with his parents, and after being SO patient while we worked, we went out to my backyard to burn off some energy. 

There were some pretty epic games of hide and go chase. Sammy melted my heart when he called out for me to chase him or when he hid behind the peach tree and said, "Take my picture Miss Lizabeff!" You got it little man.

I am so happy that my yard actually got some use, and I'm ready for this little dude to come back soon!

On Friday night, I hung out with PMZ while his parents had a night out on the town. Porter stole my affection from the moment I laid eyes on him at the hospital. He couldn't possibly have sweeter parents, aunts and uncles, or grandparents. I just love the whole Zavy/Porter/Scott clan!

So glad Lyndi stuck around while Porter chowed down and captured some pics. 
Yes, I made ridiculous faces while the little dude ate. 


Porter really loves seeing himself on the iPhone screen and decided to be a little monkey, throwing himself on my lap while we were playing with all the noisy toys.

Sure was tough to capture a non-blurry pic with the little wiggle worm.

Oh hey PMZ, do you see yourself?

I'm so glad that Lyndi warned me ahead of time that Porter loves to climb into the pup's bed. Jules did not seem thrilled that every time she started to get comfortable, Porter would crawl over to the bed and climb inside.

After the fourth or fifth time, Jules decided she'd take Porter's place on my lap as retaliation. 

Every time I made Porter smile or laugh, it felt like the biggest achievement. Porter and I had a great night in, and I'm so glad that Brad and Lyndi had a great night out! 

xoxo, E

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