Tuesday, June 10, 2014

My New "Best" Day

Just like the days when everything seems to be going wrong, there are days when everything goes really (REALLY) right. Well, I am proud to say that Saturday's event was one of those days!

Rock the Boat was an absolute celebration of all things local in our fabulous entertainment district. We featured local bands, local retail vendors, local restaurants, and local businesses. The event ran so smoothly and we had huge crowds! It was quite possibly my best day ever as an event coordinator!!

And now, brace yourself for [an overload] of the day in pictures.

Well, at least the first half of the day... I didn't snap many pictures of the evening portion. Instead, I sat back and enjoyed the live music

6 a.m. sky in Bricktown

And so the transition began...

I'm not one to stand by and let those around me work. So even though I'm not supposed to help, I pushed the chair dolly from tent to tent as Factor110 unloaded. Christina snapped a pic of me working hard and the rest of the load-in team, well, hardly working!

"Don't worry guys, I got this!"

One area where I will just stand by and watch? Anything dealing with electricity. 
[These guys made magic happen on Saturday!]

Then it was time for the pop-up shop vendors to begin their load-in.

And naturally, we had to include some of our favorite food trucks!

I also need to brag on Erin, one of our summer interns. She worked so hard during the event and didn't complain once! [She also totally killed it when it came to creating the event chalkboards]

Speaking of magic makers, these guys from AEQU made sure we had a stellar wifi signal during the event. So grateful for experts in the fields where I am an absolute novice!

Mini Elvis had quite the fan base by the end of his performance. I'm so glad Elvis' dad shared this highlights video with me yesterday. [My favorite part begins at 0:50]

Yes, indeed.... I love this town! We had perfect weather and a pretty awesome event. I'm so incredibly thankful for our team at DOKC!

xoxo, E

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