Thursday, June 5, 2014

Adventures in Dogsitting

I earned my stripes dog-sitting the lab trio a few months ago, so this past weekend's dog-sitting adventure was a bit more relaxed... but no less entertaining! [I always send Bobbie pictures so that she knows the dogs are ok. This batch was particularly funny.]

Have y'all ever heard of a yellow labrador lap dog? No?

Well, that's because they don't exist. But don't try and tell Abbey that...

I'm not one of those people that is a-okay with puppy dog kisses on my face. Like at all. But that Abbey is sneaky. Two seconds after I snapped this picture of our epic staring contest for Bobbie, she planted a handful of kisses on my face before I could escape. 

Thank goodness I wasn't making a duck face - otherwise, she would've gotten my lips!


Sweet Charlie - she has always liked me best. And she really loved laying on my right foot all weekend. She has also perfected the puppy dog eyes for when it was time for me to leave. Sorry Charlie!

The highlight of the weekend was playing in the backyard with all three of the dogs. Even Bo acted like he was glad I was there! I think I wore them out with our game of fetch... 

I am pretty pumped that I'll get to spend the weekend with these three again in a couple of weeks! 

xoxo, E

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