Monday, June 16, 2014

Meet Me In St. Louis

Well kids, I'm back from my weekend in St. Louis - the first city in my "explore five new cities" goal for my 26 while 26 list - and I had an absolute blast!

I imported all of the pictures that I took last night, and the grand total was 275 photos from a day-and-a-half of exploring.

So, guess what you have to look forward to this week?! I'll be reliving my trip, and I'm so excited to share the photos and stories!

But as for today, I'm trying to get back in the swing of the work week and will leave you with a couple tidbits from the road trip to St. Louis!

I'm pretty sure that I squealed when I saw the sign for St. Louis. 
Side note: I'm pretty terrible at geography and didn't realize that Chicago would be the "next big city" on the directional signage once we got close to STL. So that got a squeal of delight too!

Funny story: We ended up in Illinois for a couple of minutes due to my mini-fight with the GPS. In other words, I'm really good at navigating a city on foot, but I'm not the best at following directions in the car. I get too distracted taking in my surroundings!

My friend Chris (who timed his annual St. Louis trip with mine so that we could be road-trip buddies) handled my mishap like a champ though and promptly got us back into the correct state.

But I must confess, I kind of love unexpected adventures due to GPS problems.

Anyway, I organized all of my photos last night and here's what you have to look forward to this week:

  • Cardinals Game/Busch Stadium & Ballpark Village
  • The Gateway Arch (and the gorgeous park that surrounds it!)
  • Citygarden
  • Some yummy food finds
  • City Museum
  • General sightseeing 
  • Things I noticed due to my job at DOKC
  • The public art project that I was probably a bit too excited about

You ready for all that? Happy Monday friends! 
xoxo, E

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