Monday, June 30, 2014

A Quick Glimpse

Let's do a lightning round quick glimpse into life lately:

1. I'm back in Barre3 classes - gotta hit that 26 while 26 goal. And speaking of back, oof my back is killing me. Just means it's working!!

2. We celebrated my dear sweet Kimmy's birthday over brunch with friends. Hadn't seen a few of these ladies in months! Such precious time with them. 

In other news - we learned that Carrie is the hulk. Poor fork. 

3. I had a reunion with my three favorite pups while Bobbie and the fam were out of town. And once again, Miss Abbey thought she was a lap dog. "But first, Eliz, let's take a selfie!"

4. My dad's totally awesome Father's Day gift arrived. That's right, it's a custom bobble head -- or as I like to call him, a custom bobble Ed. (hardy har har) I'm so glad that Momma took a video of dad opening his present. His reaction was just too perfect!!

5. I realized just how severe my paper obsession is once I laid out all the cards I've acquired. Big thanks to Wednesday for the grab bag and Chirps and Cheers for my Snail Mail Sunday goodies!! [Oh and June's Lettered Letters are going out in the mail today. Procrastination for the win once again!]

6. I finally went to see The Fault in Our Stars. I've been counting down the days until the movie was released? [Also, remember when I thought the movie came out in March?] So far so good in keeping with my goal of seeing one movie a month in the theatre!

7. The DOKC crew had way too much fun in a photo booth - shocking. 

8. We supported Truck It OKC, got some killer shades from The Okay See, showed off our downtown district love, and I finally got to try Pie on the Fly!

Oh, and I ran into Neighbs among the 40,000 people at H&8th! Wouldn't have survived college without Camal living across the hall. What luck that he was in town from Washington, DC!!

8. I spent quite a few hours this weekend moving all of my photos from iPhoto to Dropbox, per Erick's suggestion, and cleared up some space on my computer. (I'm a real party animal on the weekends)

9. I leave for NYC on Thursday to spend the holiday weekend with Mommacita!! I'm just so excited to have 5 days of uninterrupted girl time!!

10. I am running three half marathons this fall and started my pre-training training. Yep, I'm a little bit sore and there are a couple of blisters on my feet. Here we go again!!

I can't believe that after today we are half way through 2014. Time, please slow your roll. 
Happy Monday friends!
xoxo, E

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