Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Five More Minutes?

When I was preparing for my trip to St. Louis, I sought out suggestions for things to do and see downtown. My favorite - and now my "go to" - source for travel guides is Design Sponge. (You can read the St. Louis one here.)

There's absolutely no way I could have done or seen everything in one weekend - I'm actually pumped to read through the Design Sponge guide again in preparation for my next STL adventure, now that I'm familiar with the city - but this guide is the reason that I knew about Citygarden (an urban oasis in downtown St. Louis) before my trip.

I had high hopes for Citygarden, and it absolutely lived up to my expectations from the moment I rounded the corner and spotted the first piece of sculpture, to the moment I (begrudgingly) left!

At first, I thought this piece was playing a trick on my eyes, but then I realized that the slats were in fact moving. 

Oh mister chubby bunny in the background, how I adore you and your little arms!!

This piece was my favorite in the park, and you can see a video of it in motion here!
You can also see me in the reflection below. Oh hey, Eliz.

This little nook was perfect: a giant television showing the World Cup + a space to escape the sun & enjoy the shade.

Okay, so, maybe this piece was my favorite. Who doesn't love a giant pink suit?!

More of this to come in a later post, but the DOKC employee in me had fun noticing some Citygarden details from a logistics standpoint. 

I truly appreciated the fact that Citygarden had branded barricades to block the street - not only do they look pretty in the background of a picture, but I actually made them the focus of this one!

I love this sign that was displayed in a few places in Citygarden. Superb use of the words "common sense" and "respect."

Recycling bins. Enough said. 

I had a great time exploring Citygarden on Friday - and even found myself wandering back through the garden on Sunday in the peaceful quiet of the early morning while talking to my dad on the phone. 

Guess what's under the Citygarden map pictured above? Only the menu for the best meal I had while on vacation. Seriously, my stomach is growling just thinking about it. Yummy STL food is coming up next!!

xoxo, E

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