Monday, January 20, 2014

those pesky first world problems

It's so funny how the most random of things can trigger memories. I was fighting sleepiness really badly last week. It was incredibly frustrating towards the end of the week. I was absolutely exhausted after work and then as soon as I would climb in bed, I would be wide awake. Luckily, Pinterest and a text convo with my PIC helped me fill the hours when I couldn't fall asleep.

I tweeted that I had a really vivid dream about 4 guys from my high school who were a year older than me. I hadn't thought about them since high school. So random. Then, on Friday night, I woke up at 1 a.m. and I kept hearing this persistent humming noise (imagine an airplane engine). I realized it was a trick that my brain was playing on me, so I turned on an episode of "White Collar" on my iPad to drown out the noise. I then woke up at 7:15 a.m. (on a Saturday!!) and couldn't fall back asleep. Good news, I got so many errands done. Bad news, I just want to sleep.

While driving around during my Saturday morning errands, I remembered I had similar sleep experiences when I was preparing for my trip to Africa. Those pesky malaria pills were to blame at that time though.

This was the second time my Africa trip had come to mind in the last week. I have this gorgeous charcoal drawing hanging in my dining room, but you know how it is, sometimes we can look at something every day and not really see it.

I remember a couple of stories very clearly from my time in Swaziland. But I know I have forgotten some of those smaller moments - or precisely how moved I was by my experiences.

What's a girl to do? Well, go back and look through the photos (hundreds of them) and re-read my blog posts after the trip (from my college blog).

You guys, I've got the itch! I want to go back.

I had forgotten (how many times) that I used to say this, but I remember now how I felt when I got back: I needed Africa more than Africa needed me.

If you'd care to take some time to read about my trip to Swaziland in 2010, I've included the links to the posts below. Heads up, they are very text heavy. But of course, I treasure the opportunity to read every word and relive those moments.

Swaziland: Days 1-2 
Includes the moment I legitimately thought I was going to be charged by a wort hog

Swaziland: Day 3
The day I learned that women are the same all over the world - and fell in love with the non-smile of a young man and the tough guy persona of a little boy.

Swaziland: Day 4
The day I broke through the language barrier with my love of skirts and dresses

Swaziland: Days 5-9
Includes the story of a little boy who made my trip the best experience of my life - and he inspired the drawing in my dining room

The title of this post is "those pesky first world problems" - which I would definitely include my current sleeping troubles in that category.

Poor Elizabeth, can't get a full 8 hours in her warm house on her pillow-top mattress.

::insert tiny violins playing here::

I found this post over the weekend as well, which just so happens to be the first one I wrote when I got back to the States. It's aptly titled "America, the land that I love." It's all about the first world amenities that I missed while in Africa. And of course, I take them all for granted once again.

I was honestly feeling a little uninspired last week, but I am feeling much better. There are so many things to be thankful for and so many reasons to smile!

xoxo, E

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