Thursday, January 2, 2014

Mission Accomplished - Dining Room Chair Edition

Happy New Year! I might have stayed home and welcomed 2014 with Momma in our pjs, but that didn't stop me from being in the spirit during the day at work. I pretended the speckles in the floor were confetti!

Over here in my neck of the woods, not only is it the new year, but I've also got new dining room chair cushions! 

I purchased my dining room set from the lovely Pencil Shavings Studio. I had been looking for fabric to reupholster the cushions, but I just couldn't find anything that made my heart pitter patter a little bit faster. 

When I went home for Christmas, Momma and I went shopping for fabric, and I fell in love with this geometric pattern. 

Luckily, Momma was game to help me with the project. She has such a great eye for detail and consistency. Each cushion is nearly identical. I dare say, our first reupholstering project was a huge success!! 


Before // After


Momma flew out this week to help me with some projects around the house - to start the new year off right - and we spent some time (aka, far too much time) last night screwing the cushions back to the chairs.

The finished product looks so good. Now, I'm ready to have friends over for dinner! 

Momma had one more surprise with her when she arrived from the airport on Tuesday night... she made me some new pillows for my living room! They really tie the two rooms together. 

I am seriously so lucky to have a mom that not only wants to help me decorate my home, but she has the skill to bring the vision to life!

Tomorrow I'll be sharing an update to the progress of my 25 while 25 list. I am also in the process of mapping out how I'm going to achieve the remaining items by April 19, 2014. Eek! It'll be here before I know it.

xoxo, E

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