Friday, January 17, 2014

Moderation? What's that?

You guys, I've never been very good at doing things in moderation.

Take this week for example, I have put a major focus on my Happiness Project (ie exercising, getting more sleep and eating better meals) and the blog has taken a hit. Before Christmas, I was pretty good (read: obsessive) about posting daily. I was inspired and had a lot I wanted to share. But, this week especially, I am...

I ran a few times this week, and even though I get a great endorphin rush, I am ready to pass out when I climb into bed at night -- I also feel like I need to put my head down on my desk for a nap at 2:30 in the afternoon.

In keeping with my "anything but having it together" theme of this week - don't even get me started on the pile of papers on my desk that need to be filed - here are some random happenings:

My dining room and living room rugs arrived! I'm pretty obsessed with these beauties. Mucho gracias to my parents for my (very) early birthday presents - as well as my friends who came over to help move the furniture back in place. You guys, dealing with an 8x11 rug is not the most fun thing ever - especially if you're a perfectionist. (Guilty!)

I am finally done hanging pictures at my house!! Well, is anything ever really done when you own a home?

I used to be a self-proclaimed lover of winter weather. Y'all, I'm over it. The static electricity in my hair is enough to push me over the edge. So, as I wistfully dreamed of spring and summer this week, I ordered these shorts

I've also made some progress on the 25 while 25 list since my last update...
- We had our first meeting for Wiggle Out Loud this week. I am volunteering my time as the Logistics Committee Chair. Super excited to be involved with this project in an official capacity this year!
- I read this book in 2 days. I seriously identified with the character, which I think propelled me through the book that much faster.
- The girls and I are going on a road trip this weekend to the Wichita Mountains to see some buffalo!
- I also signed up to take a sushi class in April.

Alrighty kids, happy Friday! Hallelujah for the weekend. I hope it's a great one! xoxo, E

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