Friday, January 3, 2014

making other plans

I had planned on doing a 25 while 25 update post today, but you guys, life got in the way last night. My typical response would have been to stay up late working on the blog post that I'd planned on doing, and then be grumpy and sleepy in the morning. 

Enough is enough of "bad" behavior. What happens if the blog post I'd intended to write doesn't get written? Nothing. 

So instead, last night I spent time grocery shopping with my mom, taking down Christmas decor, laughing as I bumped into a door frame in my house (as if it'd magically appeared and gotten in my way), eating dinner while watching one of our favorite Food Network shows together, and cleaning out my closet while talking about the memories that certain clothing items held. I spent quality time with my mom. 

I wasn't checking twitter for updates... I wasn't texting or replying to emails... in fact, I don't even know where my cell phone was half of the night.

I chose time with my mom - true quality time - over what I'd planned to spend a good portion of my evening doing. 

Ya know what? I don't regret it - not even a little bit!

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