Monday, January 6, 2014

A 2014 update to 25 while 25

With a new year comes a new perspective on my 25 while 25 list. Here's the deal, a couple of my goals just weren't realistic for my life right now. So, I've updated the list with a couple new items!

Shaking it up a little bit has me super excited to tackle (and conquer) this list in 2014.

I have to admit, the item that I'm most excited about is the new #18. When I was in college - and still a dance major - I learned the choreography to "Moses Supposes" from "Singing in the Rain." The link to the video is below, but you guys... it's 1 minute and 39 seconds of non-stop movement. I remember the hardest part of the choreography was having the stamina to finish it and not collapse. Gene and Donald make it look so easy!

Okay, so the updated list is below - with progress reports as well!

1. Train for and run a half marathon
I am officially registered! April 27th is 110 days away. I can totally do this.

2. Dine/Shop at 15 new Keep it Local retailers/restaurants
I'm currently at 11.

3. Try 15 new recipes
I am currently at 8.

Jill taught me how to make her famous Jell-O shots. It was so easy and we cranked out a few flavors for our staff Christmas party! I really love how supportive my friends are of my 25 while 25 project. Mid-pour Jilly said, "Oh! Do I need to take a picture for your blog?!"

While I was in North Carolina for Christmas, Momma suggested that I make the Williams Sonoma gooey pumpkin bars for our family Christmas celebration.


I walked into the kitchen just as she was about to melt the butter. I'm pretty sure I scared her when I exclaimed, "Wait!! I have to do all the steps so I can count it for the list on my bloooooggggg!" ::3 year old pre-tantum voice:: I really don't know how she has put up with me for 25 years. #Diva

4. Pick 4 different organizations to volunteer with throughout the year
I'm at 1. Boy, I've got some work to do on this one. Anyone have suggestions for great organizations to volunteer with in the OKC area?!

5. Take a calligraphy class - Done!

6. Take an Illustrator class
I'm signed up to take the CooperHouse Design Workshop on February 7th and 8th!

7. Go for a run along the river in Tulsa - New!

8. Get a massage - Done!

9. Get a facial

10. Buy a new purse - Done!
This one feels silly now that I've received four as gifts in 2013 - still counting it though!

11. Send a care package to 3 different people... just because
I am putting the second package in the mail this week!

12. Throw a party inspired by one of the ideas I've pinned on Pinterest

13. Read 5 new books
I have read one book and am in the process of reading two others. Turns out one of my favorite authors has THREE books out that I haven't read. I'll be purchasing those soon.

14. Give up sweets for a month
I am on Day 6 of no sweets. So far so good! (She says desperately wanting a bite of the key lime pie sitting in her fridge - Pie Junkie is just too good to deprive Momma of the opportunity to try their pie while in town!)

15. Fly a kite - New!

16. Donate blood

17. Take a spur of the moment trip home

18. Put on the ol' tap shoes and (re)learn this choreography - New!

19. Put $25, at a minimum, in savings every month
This one has been a success so far!

20. Try 25 new "tastes" (try a bite or two of something I've never had before)
I'm at 12.

21. Take a roadtrip to see a corral of buffalo - and take a picture, obviously
Scheduled for January 19th. I've recruited a couple friends to make the drive with me.

22. Learn how to make sushi
Scheduled for April 8th. Kimmy and Charlay are going to take the class with me!

23. Take a day and walk all seven of the downtown districts - Done!

24. Make plans - and follow through - on a girl's weekend trip with Kimmy

25. Write a letter to myself that I open at age 30 - Done!

I was talking to Momma yesterday about how much I love setting goals and achieving them! This has been such a fun project -- I'll need to figure out what my next goal will be after my 26th birthday. Who knows, maybe a full marathon?! Whoa. Calm down Newton. Let's finish 13.1 miles first.

I had to put Momma on a plane back to NC this morning. Forgive me if I'm crying if/when you see me today. We've had 2 full weeks together (split between time in NC and OK), and I'm not ready for it to be over!

Happy Monday friends!


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