Thursday, November 17, 2011

Progress has been made!

I made some progress on my list - hooray!!

Run - Check
Spray tan - Check
Put away clothes/start packing - Check
Clean apartment - Moving on...
Watch "Revenge" - Check - and so disappointed

And I've already been wildly productive today!
2 loads of laundry - check
Car wash - check

Ordered Christmas Cards - check
Wait... you mean that wasn't on my list? Oh well! Look how cute they are!!

The after work plan is:
Clean carpet in the car
Fill up the car with gas
Pack my suitcase
Make "family gifts"

Then tomorrow, tomorrow I love you tomorrow, I'm heading home!!!

I'm like a kid on Christmas Eve!!! I'm coming Mommacita, Papas, Nanny, Uncle Bill, Aunt Lynn, Will, Zach, Aniston... ok ok I'll stop.

Live life glamorously,

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  1. My little red head is coming home!!!