Wednesday, November 16, 2011


On Monday I posted my list of "to do" and "to pack" for my trip home. Well, it's Wednesday so I figure it's time to reveal how much I've accomplished. Drum roll please...

Nothing. Not one single thing.

No "pat on the back" for me -- only anxiety and a new day by day, hour by hour list. Ready for it? I know you're dying to read it.

- Wednesday -
6:00p - 6:45 - Run
7:15 - Spray Tan (hopefully)
7:45 - Start packing my suitcase for a WEEK at home. Put away all the clothes currently residing on my desk chair
8:15 - Vacuum and dust the apartment - Clean my bathroom
9:00 - Take a break to watch "Revenge"
10:00 - Hopefully sleep!

- Thursday -
6:00p - Go get a car wash, vacuum and clean the carpets in the car, check tire pressure, fill up the car with gas
7:15 - Laundry
8:00 - Finish any last minute packing
8:30 - Work on the "family gifts" to take home at Thanksgiving with M

- Friday -
12:00p - Run home during lunch to pack all my stuff in the car and have M bring me back to work
5:30 on the dot - Leave work and start the cruise on 1-40 East to head home!!!

I think this plan is going to work!! Hooray!!!

These pics are from Thanksgiving last year - I can't wait! I can't wait! I CAN'T WAIT!!!

Live life glamorously,

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  1. Were you able to check off your Wednesday list!?