Monday, November 14, 2011

It's "going home!" week

I'm going home this week!! Well, I suppose technically it's this weekend, but still!!

That means one thing -- the lists have started of what to do this week before I leave, and my favorite list, what to pack!

I am literally so excited to be making that 17 hour drive. I am secretly thinking that this week might go really slow because I'm so ready for the weekend, but maybe it'll fly by since I have so much to get done! Here's a sneak peek at the start of the lists....

Yesterday, M and I worked to get his Christmas tree decorated. It looks AMAZING! So pretty and warm in his living room now. I also took it upon myself to decorate the antlers (that Mommacita gave him) over his TV.

I've been posting on my Facebook and Twitter every day something that I'm thankful for - starting Nov 1 and going through Thanksgiving day. Today, I'm thankful for the Life Church message I watched this morning.

Life Church is in a series called "those people." I watched the sermon on "those people that are manipulating and controlling" while getting ready for work. Even with the best intentions, sometimes people in our lives try to tell us what they think we should do. They use guilt, threats, etc. to convince you to do what they think is best. But, Pastor Craig urged us to realize that sometimes those people (with good intentions) are standing in the way of God's plan for us.

John told Jesus that he would never let death come to him - Jesus said, "Get behind me Satan." Craig told us to simply say that to any that control or manipulate us - kidding of course - but he pointed out that John was standing in the way of God's plan to give all of us salvation.

I'm a chronic people pleaser, but I am realizing that I need to be a God pleaser. After all, His opinion matters above all else. So, today I am thankful for the message I heard this morning, and fervently praying for the strength to stand up for what God is calling me to do.

As a side note, I have to share this pin that I saw on Pinterst. It couldn't apply more to my life!!

Live life glamorously - and according to God's will,


  1. SO cute! Love the Christmas decorating! :)

    And I am with ya - I'm totally a recovering people pleaser. I laughed out loud at that pin!

  2. This "pleaser" thing has been passed down from generation to generation. Haha!
    And it's more than ok to be a recovering pleaser!