Saturday, December 3, 2011


I've been cheating on my blog with a week at home with family and the first three seasons of Big Bang Theory.

A week in Charlotte was just what I needed. Time with my family and relaxing at home was wonderful!

I had a blast showing M around Charlotte and he ran his first Turkey Trot. Proud girlfriend party of 1!

Not to mention proud daughter! Momma not only looks like a legit runner, she has the time to prove it!

We had so much fun with our three Kenyans. Needless to say, they whooped our booties in the race.

M and I went to Target on Black Friday... I picked up the first 4 seasons of Big Bang Theory, and I am now obsessed. I'm already in season 3, and I just started last Sunday. I am somewhat ashamed, but it's so funny and I love to laugh, so it's okay.

Today is Bedlam - OU vs. OSU - and the last game of the season. I am so so so excited! It's my first time attending this rivalry game. However, I think we're going to need an ark to get to Stillwater. So. Much. Rain.

I am back to blogging and so happy to be back!

Live life glamorously,

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