Tuesday, December 20, 2011

That moment when...

Ever had a day with such gut wrenching abdominal pain that you can barely walk?

Ever had a moment when a client walks in unexpectedly and wants to sit down and chat?

Have you ever had to excuse yourself because you're sweating, your head is spinning and you're afraid you might get sick right there while talking to them?

Oh, and then there's that moment when you're walking to the restroom and you black out, hit your head on the corner of a wall and come-to from the pain and the sound of the thud.

Yes, that happened... And at that moment in the day, your wonderfully concerned bosses and co-workers look at you and say "Go. Home."

It wasn't a normal manic Monday for me, but it was definitely a day. Feeling better this morning - just sore, a little bit embarrassed and ready for my parents to get here tomorrow!

Meeeeerrry Christmas - and a little shiner on the forehead too!

Live life glamorously,

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