Monday, July 21, 2014

Getting Hotter

I am a goal-oriented girl, and I love to check things off my list.

There are three half-marathons on my list this fall and it's nearly time to start my training program.

So, when Bobbie texted me two weeks ago and asked if I wanted to change our plans from a Friday night pedicure to a Friday night 5K, well I wasn't exactly throwing confetti. However, running has become a big part of my friendship with Bobbie, so I agreed to run on a hot July evening with my girl.

To be 100% honest, I actually agreed after she told me they were giving medals to the first 500 finishers. #WillRunForMedals

I have missed the "what are you wearing for today's race?" text messages. Well, they're back!!

After a week of rain, we had an incredibly cool July evening to run the boathouse trails during the Hotter Friday Night 5K race.

With the goal to merely finish within the first 500, Bobbie and I next to each other for the first half of the course.

This picture was taken as we reached the 1K mark, I believe. Oh yes, we're "serious" runners.

After the turn, we stopped to walk for a few minutes, then I decided I wanted to see if my legs could carry me the remainder of the route.

Another truth - I had not run distance since the Hungryman in May, so I was concerned that this fall training would be like starting from scratch. BUT I crossed the finish line at 33:40. That's a 10:45 minute mile, and I was thrilled! I am incredibly psyched and feel prepared to start my 12-week training plan on August 4th!

I am also planning on doing my weekend long runs with the Landrunners this fall. (Checking another goal off my 26 while 26 list by joining a running group)

The best part of crossing the finish line wasn't the medal though. It was when the timing official announced, "Elizabeth Newton, ladies and gentlemen. Your Downtown Dash race coordinator! You won't want to miss this race on August 9th. Registration is now open!"

Ha! Nothing like free advertising. One more shameless plug: if you are a runner in the OKC area, you'll want to sign up for our Run This Town race series. We are giving these sweet jackets to the first 500 to register.

I never thought that I'd enjoy running, but it has brought new friends into my life and strengthened bonds with old friends. Hip hip hooray for the challenge that is ahead of me this fall!

xoxo, E

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