Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Summertime Sun

I had the best housesitting gig ever this past weekend. Like for serious. 

Two sweet puppies + a backyard pool = one very happy Eliz  (and now a very freckly Eliz) 

It was a hot Oklahoma weekend, but the pool made it so enjoyable - plus the company was the best! Is there anything better than floating in the pool & chatting with friends? Throw in a game of monkey in the middle and jumping in the pool 10+ times... well, it's blissfully exhausting!

Chupie and Eliz take a selfie!

So, I wasn't exactly paying attention - I totally thought Kimmy was taking selfies - and she caught me practicing my synchronized swimming "routine." I really missed my calling according to Erick. Oy vey.

This weekend was one of relaxation and a surplus of Vitamin D. Plus I got to work on a few projects that were pushed to the back-burner last week during my post-vacay blues & mid-week illness. 

Julie set the tone for the weekend with the little note she left for me at the bottom of the "what you need to know about the pups" list!

I would move Heaven and Earth to help my JPS with anything she needs. Now that the pups and I have bonded - and let's not forget that pool - let's just say that I am happy to housesit anytime! For the first time in so long, I didn't hate the Oklahoma heat.

xoxo, E

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