Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Weeked Wrap-up

Weekend wrap-up on a Tuesday? That's what happens when I'm sick on a Monday!

We had a jam-packed weekend with a trip to Dallas for a gala that honored the philanthropic work of M's second cousin who passed last year. This trip also meant it was time for Bella's first "sleepover camp" - aka she had to be boarded for the first time.

I was absolutely sick over it. "What if she is scared? What if the other dogs won't play with her? What if they play too rough? What if she thinks we won't come back and get her?" Yes, I'm insanely obsessive over my dog's feelings.

I made her pose for this pic with her sleepover bag, blankie and toy before I dropped her off Saturday morning. Yes, our puppy is a die-hard Carolina fan!

Isn't this just the cutest puppy lodge ever? All of the dogs have their own kennels and can run outside whenever they want. They even get fresh bedding every morning! B was at the Ritz!

I'm 99% sure she had a blast, especially when we saw how exhausted she was yesterday after we picked her up! I think girlfriend slept all day long, with occasional play time breaks in between.

As for us humans, I love getting dressed up so the gala was super fun!!

You can't take us anywhere without a silly picture being snapped!
(sorry for crummy iPhone pic quality)
This event had the most beautiful yellow roses.
I'm not a big rose girl, but these might have converted me! 

The drive back was a lot of fun too. I finally finished Emily Giffin's latest book -
and I'm begging for a sequel!

We also drove by one of KK's rigs so I could see first hand the oil rigs that he manages. Pretty cool stuff! Although I have to admit, I didn't understand half of the terminology!

Even with being sick yesterday, I mustered up some energy to go for an evening run with M - half marathon is less than 12 weeks away! Plus it's easy to run when you know a yummy homecooked meal is waiting for you at the end. M is a big fan of the slow cooker, and after eating a few meals that he has prepared, I am too!

I got to M's condo before he did yesterday evening, so I took Miss B out of the tennis court and threw the ball around for her to chase. She was exhausted after about 10 minutes and immediately collapsed on the floor once we got inside. Isn't she adorable?!

After dinner, I showed her a pic of our friend's new German Shephard puppy and she was entranced. I think someone has a case of puppy love!
Happy Tuesday! I've got a fun announcement to share tomorrow - and I think Mommacita is coming to visit on Thursday!! It's a great week for sure!
xoxo, E

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  1. We must have a puppy date ASAP!!! :)

    And that lodge looks so cute! Where is it!?