Friday, September 7, 2012

Embarrassing Photos

So, last night I decided that I wanted to go through my thumb drives and CDs of data from my "childhood" computer and college days so that I could organize it all and know where everything is. OCD much? It's okay, I know it's true.

So, I started with the disc from our family computer. Among the documents of homework and test reviews, I found some photos that caused me to literally almost die of embarrassment... and I was alone in the room!

Obviously, my first thought was, "I cannot save these photos, lest anyone see them!"

Then my second thought was, "Oh, these are too funny. I've got to share a few!!"

So, for your viewing pleasure, a touch of humiliation - with mostly good ones to maintain my dignity!

Sidenote: I thought about instagraming the bad ones, but let's be honest, that's not reality - and I'm not sure the power of Instagram would really improve them!!

Okay, I've put it off for long enough.

Let's start it off with a cute one - baby Elizabeth gawking at the piggie that does back flips!

Poor Samantha (American Girl Doll) could never sleep in her bed. Perdita claimed it as her own. Naturally, as a good cat mom, I covered her with a bandana blanket.

Poor Missy, hoisted up on my lap for a picture! This picture qualifies as semi-embarrassing.

When I came across this pic, I immediately started laughing. I'm pretty sure the photographer (me) suggested this pose for the parentals. Naturally, they love their little red head! Kiss Kiss.

Model Elizabeth

This might be my new favorite picture of my parents. They look so young!! 
And how stunning is my Mommacita?!

Another Model Photo - Do you think it even looks like me?

Our trip to Paris in 2000 - How super chic does Mommacita look in her scarf?!

I'm kind of in love with this pic of my parents too.

I went to a leadership camp after my sophomore year of high school and instantly became BFF's with these 2 guys! I texted Dan (left) last night with the picture and he replied, "We all look the same, except I was a skinny dork then." Ha! 

Under NO circumstance will I show you the pic of just him and I that I sent him after the group one below. Too mortifying! Let's just say, he and I agreed to agree that we're both better looking now!

Before "Taming of the Shrew" at my high school! Me and my buddy, Sonny.

Oh, poor kid. Glasses and braces at the pool!

Eek!! How precious are my baby cousins! Will (left) just started his Freshman year of college!
Man, I feel old.

Prior to a dance recital in 10th grade... or maybe 11th. It's always been one of my favorites!

I went to the Junior/Senior prom when I was in the 10th grade as a Sophomore representative. This beaming girl was so excited because the mom of a couple girls that I babysat gave me her Vera Wang dress to wear! So thoughtful - and I was on Cloud 9.

Look at those crazy kids heading to prom!

Group of Senior (Junior?) girls after a Christmas party!

Let us finish with another embarrassing photo - but kind of cute all the same. My childhood best friend, Erin, went to St. Thomas with us every year. Naturally, we had matching sweatshirts. After all, that's what best friends do!

Hope this gave you a giggle! I was thoroughly entertained as I discovered these last night! Happy Friday!
xoxo, E


  1. I love the throwbacks! You were adorable, and still are. When looking at these pictures I don't feel quite as bad looking at some of my old ones. Sometimes I really wonder what in the world was I thinking when I wore certain things. My favorite one of these might be the one of you at the pool with braces. P.S. Your parents are so precious!

  2. My hila is beautiful at every stage of her life!!