Thursday, September 6, 2012

Let's Take a Tour

As promised, here is a quick tour of my abode! I was absolutely in love with my previous residence - a cozy one bedroom apartment exactly 7 minutes from work - but the price tag was a bit steep! So, last May I moved to a 2 bedroom further north towards Edmond.

It's probably the same square footage, but there's a second bedroom that serves as my office and storage room. It also has a nice closet that currently houses my winter clothes. The 3 closets in this apartment are definitely one of the biggest perks!

One thing I love about a new space is having the opportunity to re-decorate and switch a few things up! You can see a few pics of my old place - and my Christmas decor - here and here.

(yes, that's a Christmas tree - I love the warm light it gives to my living room)

One of my favorite things about my apartment is all of the color! And I especially love my "The South" plaque that hangs in my living room!

These Anthro curtains are my favorite! Marcus' mom gave me that entry table and I refinished it with metallic Martha Stewart paint!

Before and After

Did I mention that I love color? I infuse it in my apartment in as many ways as possible: throw pillows, wall decor, even the books on my bookshelves!

Here's the "office" corner of my second bedroom - I didn't think you needed to see the "storage" side! My desk is also a "thrift" find that I repurposed and added knobs from Anthropologie!

Moving on to my bedroom - don't you just love the lampshade that Mommacita and I made? Amazing what you can do with a glue gun and some fringe!

One of my favorite walls - beautiful painting that M brought back for me from Paris during his summer abroad, and the painting that Mommacita and Papas had done of my childhood pets after they passed!

Anthropologie and Madura were made for one another!

I'll definitely update with pics of fall and Christmas decor!
xoxo, E

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