Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Joining the team

I've got some exciting news to share!! It's an announcement that I've been holding onto for 2 weeks now... at least on all my social media platforms. Today is my last day at the Myriad Gardens. I got a phone call 2 weeks (and 2 days ago) from Downtown OKC Inc. asking me if I'd be interested in joining their team. I was totally shocked - and totally interested in hearing more details!

After a "quick" 24 hours of dreaming of this new job and all the fun I'd have working with the team at DOKC, I met with Jill to discuss the position. I think I gave away how eager and excited I was when I pulled out my resume and reference list before we barely even had a chance to sit down! An hour later we had discussed a lot of what the job would entail and it was nearly official that I had an offer. Less than 2 hours later it was official, and I accepted!!

While I'm sad to leave my Myriad Gardens group, I'm so excited to join this new team and work on some AWESOME events to get folks downtown to eat, play and live!

I'm excited for the next few days off from work to relax a bit! AND Mommacita is coming to visit and play!! Hooray!!

xoxo, E


  1. I'm so thrilled for you and hope that you love it! Also, maybe I'll run into you (in person, not with cars) every once in a while!