Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Fall is All Around

A couple weeks ago, Marcus and I decided it was a good time to decorate his condo for Fall. Seriously, this 100+ degree weather can drive a person crazy!

So, being the incredibly supportive and designer-y girlfriend that I am (wink wink), I was up for the challenge! This will be the first holiday season in his condo, so it was like a fresh canvas ready to be painted! Oooohh, I can't even wait until it's time to decorate for Christmas!

Sidenote: It's going to be super fun to decorate my place for fall and Christmas this year, seeing as how I moved last May as well.

Sidenote #2: Our favorite place to shop for Christmas decor, and get inspiration for DIY decorating (aka Hobby Lobby versions), opens on Friday!!! I. Love. North. Pole. City!!!

Okay, picture time! It's so fun to hang out at M's condo with all this decor surrounding us! It's so warm and cozy! Almost makes you forget that it's borderline "house of Hades" outside.

Mmm, don't you feel like it's time for a pumpkin muffin and hot chocolate? I love fall!! I can't wait to decorate my place and share that with you guys too!

I realized that I've never shared photos of my new apartment, so that's on the agenda for tomorrow!

Happy Wednesday!
xoxo, E

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