Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My Love List

Tonight's love list consists of the following:

1. White Collar is back! I try to keep my drooling over fictional men to a minimum for M's sake, but I just can't help myself when it comes to Neil Caffrey. Ooh la la. The boy sure is dapper, dashing and scrumdiddlyumcious. I just finished watching this week's episode and I couldn't stop smiling. USA sure does do it right when it comes to their original shows.

2. I am actually using my iPad for something other than watching my TV shows - I'm writing this post!

3. Tonight, I made an oh so yummy meal - accessorized with M's delicious salad. The boy makes candied pecans for it - am I lucky or what?!

4. I opened the door tonight to find my sweet boy standing there with purple tulips - again can we just emphasize how lucky I am??

5. My momma's texts make me smile so wide with all these smilies and other characters!

6. Papas takes care of all my tax concerns and I don't have to worry about it for a second!

7. I am snuggled up in bed getting ready to watch Mad Men, and I'm so looking forward to my conversation time with God tonight.

8. I wrote thank you notes using some of my wonderful stationery and my awesome return address stamper.

9. I work with amazing women that I am proud to call out-of-the-office friends.

10. I'm trying Zumba for the first time tomorrow night with two of said out-of-the-office friends.

Well, that's tonight's Love List - sometimes it's nice to rattle off a few things about life that we love. Isn't it so easy to only focus on the negative?

I hope you can easily fill up a list of things that you love about your life!

Live life glamorously,


  1. I love being healthy so I can attend a 5:30 am boot camp!
    I love what our 🇺🇸stands for! I love ✈!
    I love being a mom!!!!!

  2. I'm loving White Collar! Been catching up on re-runs and even the commercials are sexy:) USA does great stuff- watching Burn Notice now haha.
    Also- lucky girl about the purple tulips:)