Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Bridal Shower

To say that I'm giddy over the upcoming nuptials of my sweet Doublemint is the understatement of the century - or at least the understatement of the evening.

We met for dinner last night, and for two hours straight, we talked non-stop about all things wedding. I told Mere all about the ideas I had for the Bridal Shower I'm throwing for her in Dallas - she loved it, and that got me super excited!!

I've got lists, details, colors, snacks and decor running through my head - and I spent my evening getting organized! My lovely friend (and co-worker), Kelly, is going to design all the print materials for the shower. Even as I sit here typing this post, I'm so excited about the plans that I'm certain I'll have some grammatical errors in it.

Poor Mommacita... I sent her an email detailing all my ideas, thoughts on food and decor and asking her to please (Please, PLEASE) come out for the shower! I wrote the email just like I would have said all of the information aloud - but Mommacita is a pro, and didn't miss a beat! I can't wait for the weekend so I can actually TALK to her about it - Her busy time tutoring is always in the evenings after I'm off work. Makes for very difficult phone time.

I digress.

See what I mean about my excitement?!

Anyway, here is a sneak peek at my organizing tools...

Doublemint and I decided that following the rehearsal dinner, she and I will have a sleepover at the hotel watching chick flicks and making Photo Booth music videos! (aka, pretending like we're still in college)

I need to find us some cute matching PJs - anyone have a suggestion of where to look?

Oh how I love my doublemint, and I am determined to be the best Maid of Honor and send her into married life in style and with lots of love!

I'm off to write the text for the print materials - Oh, I'm so excited!!

Live life glamorously,

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