Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I thought of another!

I thought of another thing that would never happen if I lived at home...

As I was preparing dinner last night, I was about to steam my broccoli and realized that I only have plastic lids. It might just be "hype" folks, but Mommacita has taught me to only use glass lids in the microwave.

So, this was my solution - oy - I'm almost too embarrassed to post this pic.

One of my Anthropologie salad plates made the perfect make-shift lid for my at-home steamer.

Note to self for next time, use an oven mit when removing the plate. Luckily, my fingers only began to sting right as I put the plate on the counter. Otherwise, I have no doubt it would have been dropped - and most likely shattered - on the floor.

In addition to the many other things that Momma does better, add "has better kitchen equipment" to the list.

Live life glamorously,

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